Summer Camp Deadlines
May 21st, 2012 by Troop110

Mr. Leonard needs the first two payments for Summer Camp ($175 total) and the schedules for all scouts ASAP.  If you have any questions please contact Mr. Leonard.

Dealing Woods / Broxton GA Camping
Apr 11th, 2012 by Troop110

The Broxton, GA camping trip to the Dealing Woods is coming up this weekend, Apr 13-15. So far about 13 folks are signed up online. Please get your name on the event registration or email Mr. Dealing ASAP if you want to go. There is a flyer for the event on the downloads page (here).

Dealing Woods Camping Trip
Apr 2nd, 2012 by Troop110

Head over to the Registration Page to get your name on the list for the camping trip planned for April 13-15 in Broxton, GA.

Cary State Forest Camping
Mar 1st, 2012 by Troop110

The troop is camping at Cary State Forest on March 9-11. Saturday activities will include Foresty Education and Mountain Bike Trail Riding. This is an excellent opportunity to work on Forestry Merit Badge Requirements – see your Scoutmaster for details.

Any Old Goats are helpful as we are expecting 20 scouts. Adult volunteers are needed to pull Troop Trailer and an extra trailer to transport bicycles.  Cycling adults are very welcome.  All Scouts riding bicycles are required to wear safety gear (helmet).

Head on over to the Event Registration page to get your name on the list.  If you have trouble signing up on-line, email your Scoutmaster to confirm your spot.

Troop Planning Campout
Jan 30th, 2012 by Troop110

Our troop is having a Leadership Planning and Training Conference starting at 5p, Friday, Feb 17th through 5p, Saturday Feb, 18th. We will camp Friday night on the grounds at COOS.

The goal of the event is to plan our troop’s activities for the balance of 2012 and into 2013. We need everyone to attend so you can share your ideas on where to go camping and the kinds of activities you would like to see. In addition to the planning, we have a number of fun activities planned – and will even squeeze in some leadership training.

More details to come. Head on over to the Event Registration page to get your name on the list.

Zack L. Eagle Project Workday
Jul 19th, 2011 by Troop110

Check your email box…

Zack sent an email recently that had lots of detail about a workday he is planning for Saturday, July 23. This is the same day the troop leaves for summer camp. Anybody who is staying behind is welcome to come help Zack. See the event registration page, the calendar or your email box for details.

Oliver W. Eagle Project Workday
Jun 22nd, 2011 by Troop110

Oliver’s Eagle project is to place blue pavement markers in front of fire hydrants like Thomas C. did. He has a workday scheduled for July 9th and a backup planned for July 16th.

The project is in neighborhoods near the intersections of San Jose Blvd. / St. Augustine Rd.; St. Augustine Rd. / Dupont; and Old Kings Rd.

Please register for the event on the Calendar page so Oliver can plan properly. He needs at least three adult drivers and a couple people to bring their digital cameras. Also, if you have brightly colored safety vest(s) please bring them and let Oliver know.

Canoe Trip
Jun 3rd, 2011 by Troop110

We are putting together a canoe/kayak camping trip for June 10-12, (originally planned for the Keys). NOTE: If you previously registered please do so again to ensure proper head count.

Here’s the Details
– Friday Night – Camping at Lafayette Blue Springs State Park – Mayo, FL
– Saturday – Canoeing 6-7mi & Camping at Royal Springs County Park – O’Brien, FL
– Sunday – Return to COOS

We need to know by Monday’s meeting who can go. Use the Event Registration link on the Calendar page and give us your headcount and any details about the following…

We Need to Know the following ASAP:
* Who can go or wants to go?
– Adults & Scouts for Canoeing
– Adults for Basecamp
* Who has available canoes, kayaks and/or gear? Please supply details.

Adults & Registration Needed
May 29th, 2011 by Troop110

– We need adults to work with scouts and then accompany them on a canoe trip
– Our Scoutmaster can not go canoeing or kayaking due to medical restrictions
– Please contact the Scoutmaster ASAP with your volunteerism availability for this trip
– If we don’t have enough adults, we can’t go

Please use the website event registration so we can have a correct head count for ALL our events. It is critical that we track attendance for planning our events. We must submit permits to Council 21 days prior to trips. The Event Registration link is on the Calendar page.

Summer Camp Payment
May 9th, 2011 by Troop110

The next $75 payment for Summer Camp is due tonight.

New Registration Tool
Mar 24th, 2011 by Troop110

Scheduling Challengs
As you know, we had BIG challenges in the past getting early sign-up and commitments for our outings. Unfortunately this caused a few trips to be postponed or cancelled.

Now, for the good news!!!
The website has a new way to register for troop events. We hope this gives you an easy way to see what is in the pipeline and inspires you to register early and frequently! Remember – the more early commitments we get, the more likely the event will happen!

This new interface allows you to register (and subsequently plan your family calendar) for events that are quite a way into the future. Check out the Calendar page and find the new link in the Event Registration section.

Questions or Comments Are Welcome
Drop a note to the Webmaster by clicking HERE.

Thomas C. Eagle Project
Feb 28th, 2011 by Troop110

Thomas C. is planning an Eagle Project Work Day for Saturday, April 9th starting at 8am. Earn service hours and help Thomas. Just use the form below this post to sign up.

The project is to install blue street reflectors which indicate fire hydrant locations. Eleven neighborhoods around the Mandarin Rd., Loretto Rd. and Flynn Rd. areas benefit from this project. The project enables fire departments to easily find 60+ hydrants and create positive safety impact to nearly 700 homes.

May 2nd, 2010 by Troop110

Make sure you are paid up: the ferry trip is $17 and another $12-16 depending upon age for camping.

– First payment of $75 is due May 3rd
– Turn in your Merit Badge selections

Due to new challenges within our core group, our adult volunteer resources are running thin. A number of camping trips are planned and adult leaders are needed. Please see the Calendar for the upcoming dates and jump in to help. You will have a good time! Remember, if we run short on adult resources, trips get cancelled.

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