Poinsettia Orders
Nov 20th, 2012 by Troop110

Please email Mr. Dealing your poinsettia orders ASAP. It doesn’t need to be too detailed just Scout Name, Quantity & Description. Here is an example of a simple order:

John Doe –
2 – $10 Pinks
3 – $10 Jingle Bells
13 – $10 Reds
1 – $25 Red Hanging

Poinsettia Order Form
Nov 9th, 2012 by Troop110

Hey Scouts! Participate in our annual Poinsettia sale. This is our main fundraiser to support troop operations for the next year. We need to have a successful fund raising program. The more we sell the less it costs YOU for our activities.

Let’s all get out and sell as many plants as possible. Approach everybody you know — businesses, your schools, your churches, etc.

The order form can be downloaded here:

2012 Poinsettia Order Form

NEW LOCATION – Camp Card Show & Sell
Apr 27th, 2012 by Troop110

Mr. Dealing has secured a great NEW location for our Camp Card Show & Sell. It is now at Lowe’s at Oldfield Crossing (map). It is Saturday, April 28, 2012 from 10a-2p.

Zaxby’s Fundraising Night
Apr 11th, 2012 by Troop110

Don’t forget that there is a Troop 110 fundraiser at Zazbys on San Jose @ Marbon (map) for dinner on Tuesday, April 17th. The restaurant will donate a percentage of sales for the evening to Troop 110. The more food purchased the more the troop gets. Tell you friends and family to mention Troop 110 and eat lots… even take some home to fido. See the flyer in the downloads section for more info (here).

Zaxby’s Fundraiser
Apr 2nd, 2012 by Troop110

Everybody head over to Zaxby’s on San Jose @ Marbon (map) for dinner on Tuesday, April 17th. The restaurant will donate a percentage of sales for the evening to Troop 110. The more food purchased the more the troop gets. Tell you friends and family to mention Troop 110 and eat lots… even take some home to fido.

Poinsettia Issue
Dec 8th, 2011 by Troop110

Someone called the nursery to have four (4) plants replaced. The number they left is a fax machine and their message states that they live “by the Avenues Mall” and purchased from “Group 110.” The nursery will replace the plants but they need more information. Please contact Mr. Walsh if you know who this is.

For future reference, ALL replacements MUST go through the troop. The nursery is a wholesaler and does not deal directly with the public. Please do not give nursery information to anyone we need to handle these type of issues.

Poinsettia Orders Due
Nov 17th, 2011 by Troop110

Poinsettia orders are due to on Monday (11/21) evening (even though no meeting). Mr. Walsh will be at COOS to collect your money and order forms.

Poinsettia Sales Bonus
Oct 17th, 2011 by Troop110

Hey Scouts. Here is some exciting news about this year’s Poinsettia Fundraising. You can earn some really nice bonuses if you get out and sell, sell, sell!!!

The 2011 Poinsettia Order Form has five pages. If you fill up your Order Form pages at the following levels you can earn BIG …

  • Sell Three Pages Earn $5 Gift Card
  • Sell Four Pages Earn $25 Gift Card
  • Sell Five Pages Earn $75 Gift Card

If you want you can choose to apply your bonus to reduce your annual dues.

Popcorn Orders Due
Oct 17th, 2011 by Troop110

Your popcorn orders are due Monday, October 24th.

Popcorn Sales
Sep 19th, 2011 by Troop110

The 2011 Trails-End Popcorn Selling season is here.  Our troop is taking part and we want YOU to help us raise money for our upcoming activities.  Download and print your Popcorn Order Form and start your door-to-door sales.  This year our troop will receive 32% of your sales efforts.

Annual Registration & Dues
Apr 6th, 2011 by Troop110

Annual registration & dues for Troop 110 is due now. Dues are $80 per scout which breaks down as follows:

$53 Troop Dues + $15 North Florida Council Fee + $12 Boy’s Life Magazine = $80

Did You Know? –Troop 110 is among the most cost-effective troops in our council. A recent survey shows troop dues around the council range from $75 to $175 per scout.

Did You Also Know? – With more effort in fundraising activities we can drive our dues down even more. Keep selling those Camp Cards and increase your efforts on our annual Poinsettia Sale.

If you have other ideas to raise money or know of benefactors who may want to help support our troop, please drop a note to to let us know.

Camp Card Sales
Apr 5th, 2011 by Troop110

Make your best effort to sell more Camp Cards over the next few weeks. If you need more cards please contact Mrs. Walsh. The Camp Cards sell for $5. Troop 110 earns 50% commission ($2.50) for each card sold.

Additional Incentives

  • Boy Scouts and Venturers who sell 250 Cards earn a FREE WEEK OF Aquatics Camp, Resident Camp (Summer or Winter Blast) at Camp Shands
  • Top 3 Council Sellers earn a Netbook OR iPod Nano
  • The sales campaign wraps up for us on Monday, April 25th. Please have all monies and/or Camp Cards returned to Mrs. Walsh by this date.

    Jan 18th, 2011 by Troop110

    Zach L. is selling firewood and giving a percentage of the proceeds to the troop. Please contact Zach if you or someone you know uses firewood.

    You can find Zach’s contact info (or anyone else’s) under Troop Resources | Troop Roster. If you need or don’t remember your password just email a request to

    Poinsettia Update
    Dec 4th, 2009 by Troop110

    • Please keep selling poinsettias!
    • You can only sell RED in any of the three pot sizes (single, triple and hanging).
    • The sales deadline is Thursday, Dec. 10th.
    • Email the quantity for each color and pot style to on Dec. 10th.
    • Delivery will take at the Court of Honor on Dec. 14th.
    • Download revised order form HERE and print as many as you need.
    • If you expect any orders over 50 plants please contact ASAP to plan custom delivery.
    Start Selling Poinsettia’s Today!!!
    Nov 19th, 2009 by Troop110

    Attention all Troop 110 Scouts!

    It is time to start selling our holiday poinsettias. We have unique access to fantastic florist-grade flowers that past customers rave about year after year. Our color choices are incredible. The blooms on these plants will blow you away.

    Tell your customers Troop 110 is keeping our prices the same as last year. This is a nice bonus in light of the tight economy.

    REMEMBER to check with your church and school office ASAP. Churches, offices and businesses your families know will want these beautiful flowers to decorate their facilities… doctors offices, dentist offices, law offices, real estate offices, banks, etc…

    Download your Order Form today CLICK HERE – Get out and sell these gorgeous flowers. Fill up one form then print another and do it again and again… Who knows, if you sell enough your summer camp will be FREE in 2010. Or, the troop can take a really cool trip somewhere. Or, get some nice new equipment.

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